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Hand, 1992-1993
Ink on paper, 61 x 43 cm

Eye Drawings, 1992-1993

The Eye Drawings are drawings directly executed by the eye, without any intervention of the hands. The organ of perception thus becomes an instrument of expression. With the help of technical equipment (infrared-, video- and computer-technology), the movements of the eyes when looking at a variety of subjects were registered and digitalized. They were then printed. All the drawings are unique. The Eye Drawings deal with the everyday process of seeing images or real objects but they also describe the examination and visualization of abstract motifs and processes like Time, Reading, Writing, Light and an After-Image, as well as the refusal to see at all. In such works the invisible becomes visible.

„Newspaper“ (1994) and „EYE“ (2001) are the two major projects within this group of works. Both newspapers have been thoroughly read. The publications that were read are the daily „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung“, and an issue of »EYE«, the weekend entertainment guide of the San José Mercury News. Both papers were printed alongside a regular issue in an identical manner using a rotary printing press. „EYE“ was published by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.