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VERZEICHNEN | Ursula Döbereiner und Harriet Groß | 23.11. - 20.12.2019                                                         press statement

"Verzeichnen" (miss-drawing comes close) presents new works by Harriet Groß and Ursula Döbereiner and is a prelude. We intend to make it an exhibition trilogy, presenting in a loose sequence works emanating from that vast area of drawing. For the programmatic stance of the gallery it is an important field and we have been playing on this pitch many times, in different line-ups. Once again we felt it would make sense to have a title where we bend the verb drawing by adding a prefix. Just over a year ago, we opened our new space in Berlin with a group exhibition under the title "aufzeichnen" (meaning mainly recording). Döbereiner and Groß already participated in that show. "Aufzeichnen" was still about some sort of objective representation. It was amongst other things about documenting, if only the process of drawing. The title "Verzeichnen" is meant to open other perspectives. On the one hand, it obviously refers to the Freudian slip, which, as we all know, is about the unconscious chipping in and delivering a most meaningful slip. However, in the works on show in "Verzeichnen" other gremlins come in and surely also artistic strategies putting them on stage and integrating the slip into the artistic process. On the other hand there is the “Verzeichnis” (the directory), which creates order and direction, but only its own. The entries tend to resist and irritate this order by bringing in sense.

Opening: 23.11.2019 from 6 pm. Opening hours: Wednesday through Friday 3 to 8 pm.